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InaxiumJS <=> AngularJS <=> RiactJS

Who should use InaxiumJS?

When Money and time is a decisive factor to place a Software at the customer.
When separation of concerns plays a big role.
You've to create a large application and components require comprehensive access to a broad dataset.
When components development is a passion. Then InaxiumJS is your partner.
You need a well-maintained application that is supervised by several teams.

What can you expect from InaxiumJS?

It'll help you to write comprehensive, modern and elegant program code.

index.js ↧

    new InaxiumBootstrap().init();
    new Bootstrap().init();


    <div class="ui visible left vertical sidebar menu">

    <div class="pusher">


x-address.html ↧


            height: 400px;
            overflow-y: scroll;

            width: 1000px;
            margin-left: 10px;

    <div id="enclosing">
        <div id="scroll">
            <table class="ui celled striped table">
                <tbody  class="x for addresses" store="addresses=>address">


<script src="x-address.js"></script>

x-address.js ↧

class Address extends InaxiumHelper {

    attachedCallback() {

    detachedCallback() {;

        super.collection = x.addresses;


                    let count = x.addresses.result.o.length;

                    $('.tag.state p').text(`${(server)?'Server':'Client'} Response (${count})`);
                    $('.tag.state p').text('Find Error');

                    new AddressesError(error).show();





document.registerElement('x-address', Address);

We are developing software to expand our horizons.
To raise mankind to the next stage of consciousness.
To make life easier and take the step into the Universe.


InaxiumJS means Perfect freedom when choosing frameworks.

In the program code above, you can see that jquery is used. Also alertify. Use the framework you love. Software development is creativity and creation. Such a wonderful thing must not be destroyed by a forced jacket.

But never the less.

You need Instruction or Documentation for InaxiumJS? When you make a subscription for our Inaxium Builder, Documentation for InaxiumJS is also Included.